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A picture just as the facility opened in 1956.   Not even any towers yet.  

As Virgil mentioned, the EOC has been bombed.  Well, actually buildings right next door, where the 911 Center is now.



The outside in September 1962.  Notice how few antennas there were.    And no fence.

EOC outside NNE.jpg (25267 bytes)


A view from the East.  The microwave dishes on the left pointed to the periscope reflector on the big tower on the left.

EOC Outside E 1968.jpg (21427 bytes)


Look at how big the front yard was!   That's when Miller and Gallowy were two lane roads and this was really 'the middle of nowhere' in Miami.

EOC outside NE.jpg (22121 bytes)

Some reflections from David Fernandez KE4TIN:

"I remember the tower. I didn't notice it had been shortened until the day after Hurricane Andrew. I looked to see if the tower was still there and it was gone. At first I thought It fell over during the storm, but then I saw it had been shortened. I missed when they shortened it though, must have been right before the storm. And, I also remember the Crank-up tower that is on top of the EOC. It was almost as tall as the permanent one was when fully extended. It's a shame it doesn't crank up anymore. I'm surprised no one has looked into getting that thing operational again.

"Gosh... I even remember vaguely remember when they built the "NEW" 911 building. That's scary! Back then Miller didn't have hardly any traffic because it ended at the Turnpike. It didn't cross over into "Horse Country" as it was commonly referred to back then.

"I've also been told about the way Miller road used to have a thin canal separating the Eastbound and westbound lanes. I've been told that many people lost their lives in that canal because it was just wide enough where if a car fell in, there was no room to open the doors and get out. The car would end up wedged against the sides of the canal. Obviously, this was before my time, so I never saw it first hand though."


This is a display of what you would find in any one of the many CD shelters around Miami.

Shelter display.jpg (186817 bytes)


NAWAS was an open line to other shelters and Washington for use in times of emergency.  This was in the office.

NAWAS.jpg (27083 bytes)


This is the 'Pit'.   Notice it has changed a lot over the years.   The ladders were for updating big maps before the days of projection TV. 

PIT Meeting 2.jpg (28832 bytes)


The cables hanging from above would be dropped down to feed the tables when the pit was active.

PIT Meeting.jpg (26646 bytes)


The back door of the EOC in the 1960s.   A mock disaster for training.

Disaster training.jpg (168472 bytes)


An EBS test in progress.   Radio Stations would retransmit these messages.  This is Chet Fisher, the EOC boss for years.

EBS Test.jpg (21478 bytes)


The old Fire Department training building.   The tower is now much shorter.  The 911 center stands here now.

Fire Tower.jpg (32970 bytes)


This generator is still in service.

Generator 1964.jpg (29319 bytes)


Other than the people and the table, this kitchen really hasn't changed much over the years.

Kitchen 1960s.jpg (28185 bytes)


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