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Miami-Dade County Air Raid Signals

Adam Pollak:

These are the locations I know of- Coral Gables PD, University Lakes Trailer Park, Opa Locka water plant, Biscayne Elementary, North Miami senior high, homestead power plant, Milander auditorium, behind a grocery store on 47th and Miami Gardens Dr., Miami Jai-Alai, Miami beach auditorium, Riviera theater, rail lighting yard, Haitian Baptist church in little Haiti, Sunnyland shopping plaza, Perrine plaza, Biscayne tower
16 locations.  One of the old articles says there were 51 at a time.  The EOC only has records of those.

On March 02, 1985, 51 sirens were tested at 1 pm.  They were installed in 1955.


Coral Gables FS 1 and FD and PD HQ, 2801 Salzedo St.


And after removal...


West Miami City Hall



A typical Cold War era Air Raid Signal on top North Miami High.  Photo by Adam Pollak.



    South Florida FM Association, 2003   

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