At the rear of the Fire HQ and EOC is another large building that contains all the equipment that keeps the operation running.   Here are some pictures taken during Field Day 2001.   I'll try to describe them the best I can.

Here's the front of the Utility building as viewed from above the EOC.


From the ground


The big generator, viewed from the generator end.   The starter tanks are on the right.  


Two side views of the engine.   This is the same size diesel generator that could be a large ship or a locomotive.  Since it was running while we were getting the tour, ear protection was required.   


It's hard to see, but there's a shaft here between the motor and the generator.  


The Exhaust system and muffler.


These are the air compressors that pressurize the tanks on the left.  These are used to start the generator.

Batteries, I think for the air compressor starters.


Generator Status

Pressure gauges


The other generator.   This one is still available to power the building, but it's in the process of being cleaned.  Either gen set can run the building. 

Generator status


Chiller Plant.   This is where cold water is made to run the air conditioning in the building.  There are four large chiller.  Any of of them can cool the whole building.


The inside of one chiller control panel.


UPS.  This provided constant power to the critical circuits in the EOC.   This includes the Radio Room.  


This is the new power control system.   That's Mike Crisler, N4IFDL's son.  


A close up of the touch screen control system.  it shows graphically the flow of power from the two FPL feeds and the two generators.   It's basically a remote control for the huge relays elsewhere in the building.


These are all of the switches, relays and breakers that are controlled by the touch screen system.   While it dates back to 1970 when Eastern Airlines built the system, it has been overhauled.