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Dade County REACT was, I think, the first REACT team in Dade.   I was in the group in the mid to late 1970's.   We did many of the same functions amateur radio groups are known to assist with.  A big part of our function was to monitor CB channel 9 during the heyday of CB.   This was before the days of Cell phones, so CB was usually the first way to emergencies reported.  I handled thousands of emergency calls to police and fire departments.  

We also assisted with communications during special events.   When the March of Dimes Walk-a-thon ran from the Orange Bowl to the U of Miami and back, we had a large area to cover.   

We also were one of the first users of GMRS.   Our repeater in Miami was one of the last with just carrier squelch.  The only thing that would key us up was the Monorails in Disney World on cold winter nights.   Our mobile units were mostly retired Dade County Radios, some Areotrons.   Adding PL was a big deal for us.   

We had both GMRS and CB base station equipment installed in what used to be the police dispatch building near JMH in the Civic Center area.   It was quite a privilege to have our equipment side by side with the police and fire radios. 

The 1990's brought new REACT teams and new spirit.   More information about these teams are in the works. 

We saw a lot of these uniforms at every Dade public service event.

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