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This is the instruction page for the mister crew.    Instructions and photos here will explain how and where to set up the misters.   Try to set up the misters so that the wind doesn't blow the water toward people who don't want it.   In each case, the misters are to be OPTIONAL for the walkers.  Leave at least half the width of the path un-misted.  

Here's where to connect the misters in Ingraham Park.  This is the East end of the park.  Look for these points near the gate to the private property.   The park is on the right side of the coral wall.   

This shows the two places you'll need to open.  Take gloves and a screwdriver to lift the lids.

In the big metal cover you'll see the water meter.   Look in here, toward the green cover.

Look for this valve.  This is the off position.   Twist it 90 degrees to turn on the water.   When the handle is perpendicular to the water flow, it's closed.   If parallel, then it's open.  

This is the inside of the green box.   Connect the hose to one of these, open the green valve, and you're all set.   No bib key is needed.  The other one could be used for drinkable water.   This is city water, not a well, so it is drinkable.   Let it flow to clear out the pipes before connecting to anything.   

Now for Sunrise Park.  Look for this in the SW corner of the Park, near the swings.  

Connect about 150' of hose here.  No bib key needed.  Go East to the route and set up the mister.   The hanging misting string could work between a trees and signs, or a self standing unit.   

Peacock Park.   On the right side of this building you should find a hose connection.  Connect there.   Try to set up the misters on solid ground so we don't make mud puddles.  No bib key needed.    



    South Florida FM Association, 2003   

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