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Meeting was called to order at 19:45 with 17 present. 

Ronnie welcomed all to the SFFMA meeting.  The meeting was being broadcast live on the air tonight from the EOC.  

The microphone was passed around the room and everyone stated their name and call sign.  

Ronnie welcomed everyone again. 

Last month’s minutes were posted on the web.  A motion to accept the minutes was made by Felipe and seconded by Valeriano. 

Repeater update:

 John spoke about the 147.00.  Up and working.  He advised that there are 4 or 5 individuals that hog the air with “bs” all day.  Most of the club members have disappeared.  Ernesto agreed that these individuals have turned the 147.00 into their own personal chat room.  That some of their conversations were personal and should not be on the repeater.  Ray suggested that if you can’t listen to it, replace it with something better.  There was a discussion by the members.  Robert made the statement that we have more repeaters than users.  He agreed to talk about something interesting.  Ray stated that the repeater is our PR and we are being judged by these conversations and what happens on the repeater.

 Robert spoke about the 224.220.  Up and running.  He is talking to himself.

 Ray spoke about the 146.760.  It is up and running.  It is barely getting used.  He heard 2 people that he has never heard before talking and they were having a great conversation.

 No other repeater trustees were present.

 Old Business:

 Ronnie advised that he has copies of the new By-Laws with the new changes.  If anyone still needs a copy, to see him.

 He asked if anyone had checked out the Value Jet Memorial site, no one had gone by because of the hurricanes.  If anyone does, let Ronnie know.

 Ronnie reminded everyone that dues will officially become due Jan 1, 2005.

 Next, Ronnie spoke about the Holiday Dinner.  It is going to take place on Saturday, December 11th here at the EOC cafeteria. We need at least 25 people or it will be cancelled.  He has tickets for those interested.  The tickets are $8.00 for adults and $6.00 for children under 12.  Bring your family and friends. Everyone that comes is to bring a dessert.  You need to purchase a ticket prior to the dinner.  You cannot pay at the door.  If you cannot come to the next meeting, you can mail in your money.    All monies will be due by November 30.  The information will be posed on the email list.  Joanne suggested that we invite the people from the Hurricane Center that we have contact with during hurricane season and not to charge them.  John will check if anyone is interested and let Ronnie know.

 Ernesto spoke about the new ID’s for the club.  He is waiting to meet with Carl to get the logo. 

 Ernesto then spoke about the MS Breakaway to Key Largo.  We have 198 riders registered so far this year compared to 30 last year.  We have 39 teams registered so far this year compared to 17 last year.  We have collected $6,000.00 compared to $200.00 last year.  He is making  some adjustments this year. There will not be 2 net controllers like last year, 1 North and 1 South.  He will check with Carl to have 2 or 3 people here in the radio room as net control.  He is changing the route a little.  There was a problem last year getting into John Penny Camp.  This year we will have 3 police officers at the intersection to stop traffic to let large groups pass.  People are going to go into the parking lot across the street where there is an adult book store.  They are being very cooperative with us.  Adjustments are going to be made as far as the signs on the roadway.  Also, we have the same spot at the campground with Carl’s trailer.  The Monroe County emergency trailer will not be there this year.  A discussion was made with regard to repeaters and towers that are available to us.   Anyone going down that way that can let Carl know so that they frequency on 47.3375 can be checked.  It will take place the 3rd weekend in April -  the weekend of April 16 and 17th.  Ray will still use ARPS.  We will still bring our signs, flags and banners.  There will be no weather reports from the hurricane center.  We will be using buses against this year.  The ARPSC logo is on all the brochures and literature.  We donated about $36,000 to $37,000 in time, etc. to the event. 

 Robert spoke about the Kayak race. November 20 is the tentative date. He will let us know.  It may be cancelled.  It is the same day as a free flee. 

 Andy spoke about the Miami Marathon.  It is the last weekend in January – the 29th and 30th.  He needs volunteers.  The information will be posted.  Call John or Andy if you are interested.

 Felipe spoke about the Jr. Orange Bowl parade.  It is December 30th.  Same route.  He will have the info next week and post the information.  It will be the same route as last year.

 Joanne updated everyone on the CERT program.   Florida Sert is having a seminar in Lakeland at the Lakeland Center from January 13 - 16.  Contact Joyce Parrish at 863-860-8595 for more information.

 Ronnie advised that the Hamboree is back on.  We will be having an outdoor swap shop. Prior to January 6th it is $25.00; after January 6th it is $35.00; the day of the show it is $45.00.  IT is February 5 & 6th.

 James is not here tonight to talk about the Winter Field Day on the weekend of January 8th.  If you are interested, contact him.

 New Business:

 Wendy made an announcement that she is moving to Lakeland.  The March of Dimes is looking for someone to take it over.  Lysette volunteererd.  They will get together.  Everyone said goodbye to Wendy.  Everyone wished her well, thanked her for her outstanding work for the club and that all will miss her.

 Ronnie next advised that elections are coming up and we are to vote at the next meeting.  He asked for nominations from the floor:

 For President :             Ronnie was nominated by Joanne, seconded by Caesar

                                    Ernesto was nominated by Robert, seconded by Lysette


For Vice President:            Andy was nominated by Robert, seconded by Ernesto

                                    Ronnie was nominated by Ernesto, seconded by Felipe

                                    Robert was nominated by Caesar, seconded by Lysette


For Treasurer:            James was nominated by Lysette, seconded by Joanne

                                    There were no other nominations.


For Secretary            Joanne was nominated by Ernesto, seconded by Ronnie

                                    There were no other nominations


John Veccio’s term is expiring this year (04) as director.  Joanne advised that the By-Laws state that a director’s term is for 3 years.

                                    John Veccio was nominated by Ernesto, seconded by Chris

Jeff was nominated by Caesar, seconded by Lysette

                                    Caesar was nomined by Ronnie, seconded by Ernesto


If anyone is interested in running for an office, please let us know by the next meeting.  You must be a club member to vote.

 Robert then spoke about the Boy Scout Merit Badge College on December 4th.  He will post the info on the website.

 We do not have a guest speaker tonight, but Ray has a show & tell demonstration for everyone.  He had a Sunbeam Desk Top Refrigerator.  He took out the Peltier Cooler which is basically transistors and a 12 volt fan.  He had one that was making ice.  If you want heat, just reverse the polarity.  He suggested that if you had a hard hat in the field, you could use a belt mounted battery pack and have you own personal cooling unit.  You can use it to keep a drink cool with a cup holder on the top or reverse it and keep coffee hot.  He suggested that if you ever come across one, take it apart and see how it works.  You can do a search on Google for more information.

 Jeff said that NASA made them and they can work in reverse and actually generate electricity with a temperature difference and allowing the electrons to flow through.

 Robert had an old Regenerative Radio Receiver from the early 1920’s.  He explained how it worked and that you can actually hear more than with the new radios.  The receiver was made by The Crosley Radio Corporation.

 With no other business, Ronnie announced that refreshments were in the cafeteria.  He thanked everyone for coming.   If anyone is interested in tickets for the Holiday Dinner, please see him after the meeting.

 The meeting was adjourned at 20:45.

 Joanne Carbana KG4GKU


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