July 2000 Meeting
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Meeting called to order 2000H L due to inclimental weather.

10 persons in attendance. Minutes of JUL accepted as posted in newsletter. Motion by Carl KA4HLO, Seconded by Jason KE4KYY. Treasurer not in attendance. Trustee Report: 147.000 OK 146.760 OK Intermittent noise 440 Needs controller 1.2GHz needs tuning w/equipment that will go that high 220 No Report New Business: Discussed ARPSC Ham Radio Day, club will support Discussion on repeater etiquette Program: Discussion on linking repeaters within and without FL. Need contacts with other repeater trustees, clubs to implement this. Adjournment Motion by Jason KE4KYY, Seconded by Carl KA4HLO

Next meeting will be "Ham Radio Testing":

Is your mobile antenna working properly (flat SWR)? Is your mobile radio working properly (power, deviation, frequency)? If you don't know and you want to, come to the next South Florida FM Association meeting. At the meeting on September 11, 2000 at 1930 hours, we will be offering this testing to all Amateurs. Make sure you can easily disconnect your mobile antenna from your mobile transceiver and be ready to do so what it is your turn for testing. We may also test relative signal strength and spectral purity depending on equipment brought. If you have any such equipment available, please call me, Lee Ciereszko, N4TCW at 305 992 5978. ++++++++++++++++++++++++

A Search and Rescue and Fire Suppression Refresher Course will be held at the Urban Search and Rescue site, 7950 SW 107 Ave. on 9/30/00, from 9 am until 4:30 pm. If any of your team members do not have e-mail, please forward this information to them. The class will be limited to the first 30 participants and the deadline for registration is 9/22/00. Other similar courses will be scheduled for November. Contact Capt. Bob Palestrant at 305-468-5416 to sign up. When calling, please spell your last name, give your team assignment and contact number .

Lt. Les Forster Emergency Management Coordinator Office of Emergency Management Miami-Dade Fire Rescue 9300 NW 41 Street Miami, FL 33178 Phone: (305) 468-5417 Fax: (305) 468-5401 e-mail: forster@co.miami-dade.fl.us Miami-Dade CERT Website: http://clubs.excite.com/MDCERT OEM Website: http://www.co.miami-dade.fl.us/OEM/home.htm

Respectfully JOE AC4TV

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