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Meeting was called to order at 19:57 with 32 present.

Ronnie welcomed all to the SFFMA meeting. The meeting was being broadcast live on the air tonight from the EOC.

The microphone was passed around the room and everyone stated their name and call sign. Ronnie announced that Sam Tillwell, CEO of the Miami Chapter of the American Red Cross was a guest tonight.

Ray made a correction to the minutes that the white noise can be heard in Miami Lakes not coming from Miami Lakes and he did not report on the 444.200. A motion to accept the minutes of the last meeting was made by Caesar and seconded by Sam.

Repeater update:

Ray spoke about the 146.76 and Robert spoke about the 224.200. Jason spoke about the 147.150 at the Biltmore. It is still under construction and the ETA is May 31. Eddie spoke about the repeater for the Red Cross 146.805 is ready and working. John Veccio spoke about the 147.000 and Carl about the 444.200. Randy advised that the 865 location at UM is being upgraded next weekend.

Old Business:

Ben Nebsner WA4DS, the coordinator of the Miami Tropical Marathon thanked everyone who participated and gave out tee shirts at the last meeting. . If you participated and did not receive a tee shirt, contact Carl. The Miami Tropical Marathon is changing the date so it will not conflict with the Hamboree next year. It will be January 30, 2005. The Hamboree will be February 5 and 6 next year. John Veccio is the new coordinator for the Miami Tropical Marathon.

Jason spoke about the Hamboree and that we are going to do it again next year. He thanked everyone who participated. The dates for next year are February 5 and 6. Ronnie also thanked everyone that participated.

The March of Dimes walk-a-thon is April 3. Wendy could not be here tonight. We will keep you updated. There will be a link on SFFM website. Please fill-out the form if interested. You can also see Ronnie if you are interested in walking.

Ernesto reported on the Bike-A-Thon. They have a new route this year. It is set for the last weekend in April, the 24 and 25th. It is going to start at Miami-Dade South, going to go through Country Walk. The goal is $1 million. They have 709 riders signed up as opposed to 690 last year. The goal for sponsors is $70,000. They have $76,250.00 already. Contact Ernesto at if interested. He will be posting the info on the SFFMA website. He needs 53 volunteers on Saturday and 49 on Sunday. Ray reminded everyone that this is an APRS tracker event. Don't wait until the last minute to get it working.

Ronnie announced that dues are due now: $30.00 for the year. $5.00 for each additional family member. If you need an application, see Joanne.

Ronnie announced that the Dade Radio Club is meeting hour before our meeting here at the EOC. Evelyn said everyone was welcome to attend.

Joanne brought everyone up-to-date on CERT. Anyone interested, please contact Cleopatria at 305-468-5416.

Eddie advised that those that belong to the Red Cross, to see Freddie tonight for your new ID.

Sam thanked everyone that participated at the South Florida Counsel of the Boy Scouts Event. He gave out awards to Danny KG4LYE; Robert KG4MCL; Jeffrey KG4CNM; Stephanie W4DTJ; Carl KA4HLO; Christine KG4SYU. Congratulations to all.

Jim Clark from the City of Miami is starting CERT training this month for those that live or work in the City of Miami. He left applications with Joanne. Please see her if interested. He is also a new Ham. He spoke briefly about the program and said you can go to the City of Miami website for more information.

Ronnie spoke about having a membership chairperson slot. This person would send letters to new operators and invite them to our meeting. Steve got the names off the website and sent out a letter inviting them to the meeting and a second page with reasons listed for joining and detailing some benefits. This position would be appointed by the president for a period of time. After some discussion by those present, Randy made a motion to appoint Steve as our 2004 membership chairperson, seconded by Felipe, and passed.

Then a problem with the 146.775 and 146.76 repeaters was discussed briefly. There is interference in Miami Lakes, north of the airport and west. Ronnie advised that he had a letter to mail to the repeater coordinator K4LK, Mr. Dana Rodakis. Ronnie read the letter to the members, it is signed by Ray as Trustee; Ronnie as President and Ernesto as Vice President. Ronnie opened the floor to Nelio Hernandez, W4HN, the Florida Repeater Counsel Coordinator for Section 1 and the Trustee for 146.73. He spoke to the membership. Ray spoke to the membership. It was decided that after the meeting, that they would meet to try to work something out.

New Business:

Bob advised that we are going to have testing sessions on meeting nights instead of the 2nd Saturday of each month. Ronnie said is was OK if it is OK with Carl to start next month. Ray commented that it would save gas and more people would attend. Hams could take the test and upgrade their license. We would have more VE's to help Bob and Harry.

Freddy announced that the Red Cross is giving CPR/First Aid Classes starting in April. He will coordinate the classes with us. They are free to volunteers. It is usually a $35.00 4 hr CPR class and good for 1 year and the first aid class costs between $75-$100 and is good for 3 years. There is also a 2 hr refresher course. The classes are given at Red Cross Headquarters. If interested, see Freddy.

James gave a treasurer update. He is taking dues tonight. If you are a member, see him to update the roster with all current information after the meeting.

Mr. Sam Tillwell thanked everyone for their help with the Red Cross. He spoke for a few minutes about the program.

With no other business, Ronnie announced that refreshments were in the back of the room. He thanked everyone for coming. The Director Meeting was going to be held in room 167.

The meeting was adjourned at 20:54.

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