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Meeting was called to order at 19:47 with 28 present.

Ronnie welcomed all to the SFFMA meeting. The meeting was being broadcast live on the air tonight from the EOC. He announced that testing was being done for anyone who was interested in the cafeteria.

The microphone was passed around the room and everyone stated their name and call sign. Ronnie announced that we do not have a guest speaker tonight.

Repeater update:

Ray spoke about the 146.760. It is up and running. Little use. Everyone is on the 147.000.

Robert spoke about the 224.220. It is working fine. No one talks to him.

Old Business:

Joanne updated everyone on the CERT program.

Ronnie advised that Field Day was last month. The EOC did not participate.
We are going to work on the trailer at Field Day and will announce in the next month or so about setting it up.

Regarding Repeaters, Robert proposed a question if we could make a By-Law addition for the club regarding the trustee of the repeater 220, no access to the machine. Without pulling strings, there should be a list at UM as to who can get the keys. Ray advised that it is a delicate situation with the landlord. They know Ray. Maybe we need to merge slowly to get in there. Ray will coordinate it on a Saturday. The trustee needs access. Also, he proposed that if a repeater trustee has a problem with a machine or it is broken, that it should be fixed within 1 year or pass it on to someone else. When a repeater is unoperational, completely off the air. Ernesto suggested that Robert do like Steve did. Put together a proposal and have everyone vote on it. Randy stated that he wants to see a provision for an extenuating circumstances clause for moratorium on the time limit. Steve asked if we have a Repeater Committee. Ronnie advised that all the trustees are the committee and that this questions could be solved by a repeater committee. Jason asked how long the term is for a trustee of a repeater. He was told it is 2 years. He suggested that the time be reduced to 1 year so that if there is a problem, we can vote on a new trustee. Ray advised that the downside of this whole thing will squelch innovation and if you are going to be penalized for not being on the air, the repeaters will collect dust. Carl advised to be careful. The FM association does not own everything. Ronnie suggested that we have a repeater counsel meeting. Ernesto said that we need a club call for all repeaters. Someone was to look into it. Ray suggested putting more than 1 person in charge of a repeater. Jason suggested that the repeater counsel should pay 1 fee a year. Ray said as many people that want to join can. Felipe suggested that we informally set a date to help those with repeater problems and have people show up instead of changing the By-Laws. Ronnie advised that we will have a technical committee meeting prior to next month's meeting. Steve said if a repeater is off the air, someone else can come along and acquire it. Ray challenged him on 2 meters and 440 bands. Ronnie suggested that following the ARPSC meeting, stay at 10:30 AM for a technical committee meeting. Robert suggested that it be done tonight after tonight's meeting because we do not have a speaker. Ronnie said that we still have a program even though we have no guest speaker. There was more discussion on this topic.

Events that we take part in were discussed next. Ernesto spoke about the MS Break Away Bike-A-Thon in Key Largo. At an award's ceremony, $1.3 million was raised this year. He thanked everyone who participated. Jason announced that Ernesto failed to announce that Ernesto received the outstanding committee member award and that Andy also received an award.

Bob is still testing in the cafeteria.

Eddie announced that the American Red Cross is holding its First Aide and CPR classes free on Saturday, August 28 and it is the last one for the year. Call Freddy if you are interested.

New Business:

Ronnie spoke about the Melbourne ham fest. It will take place Sept 10, 11 and 12 this year. Normally everyone goes together and stay at the Hilton. Ray advised that he knows someone that works there and we can make all the noise we want late. Anyone that wants to stay at the hotel on the beach let him know. Someone is needed to coordinate. James advised that the Holiday Inn on the beach in Melbourne is nice.

Ronnie announced that if you want ARPSC Flags for $8.00 each to see Carl.

Ray spoke about the Value Jet Memorial Clean-up. They are leaving it up to us to take whatever dates we want. The Fire Dept and Boy Scouts need to do it before the Anniversary in May because of the water. We need to set a date. There are a lot of weeds. Ronnie advised that we have funds to buy Roundup. Ray said that we need volunteers. Sunday July 25th was chosen at 9:30 A.M. to pull weeds at the Value Jet Memorial site. He said the earlier that we get there the better.

Steve passed out to those present the By-Law changes. You must be a member to vote. By a show of hands, the By-Law changes passed. Ronnie advised that they will take effect as of the next meeting. Robert made a motion, to email the changes to the members and stating that they take effect as of the next meeting, seconded by Ernesto. Everyone will get a copy at the next meeting and a list of who is current in the club.

Robert brought up the status of ID's. Ernesto obtained an ID printer, spare head, and ribbon - worth $8,000.00 - which was donated. We need to obtain the blank PVC cards. They cost approximately $.35 or $.40 each. The hard plastics are $7.00 each. Hopefully, it will be working next month. He needs the OK from Carl to use the County logo. It was discussed to include ARES/RACES; SFFMA; DCAT (if you are members of these organizations) on the same ID Card. It was also discussed that our ID cards should be separate for only the club. Jason said that some people are ARPSC and not ARES/RACES; DCAT or Hurricane Center. It was also suggested SFFMA on one side and ARES/RACES on the back. Randy advised that everything should be kept separate. Ronnie suggested that the main organization should be on the top on the front, will all of the others on the bottom so that we have only 1 card. Ernesto advised that he will need $250.00 to purchase extra ribbon and blank cards. Possible for $150.00 we can print 250 cards. He will meet with Carl and have the info about the ID's at the next meeting.

Jason spoke about the Ham fest in February. It is moving right along. They need committee members and it is $12.00 to join the committee. For 4 months of labor, you get a free shirt.

We have no guest speaker tonight. We will have speakers from the National Weather Service at the next meeting.

Those who brought handhelds etc. to work on them are welcome to do so.

Trustees of the repeaters are to meet in Room 194.

With no other business, Ronnie announced that refreshments were in the back of the room. He thanked everyone for coming.

The meeting was adjourned at 20:47.

Joanne Carbana



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