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Meeting was called to order at 19:42 with 26 present.


Ronnie welcomed all to the SFFMA meeting.  The meeting was being broadcast live on the air tonight from the EOC.  Testing is going on in another room. He wished everyone a Happy New Year.  There was no December meeting.  We will be having elections this evening.  Jason is our guest speaker tonight. He will be showing us clips of Hurricanes Charlie, Frances, Ivan and Jeanne.  He has the presentation on DVD for sale on-line and at the Hamfest as of Friday.  He is a storm chaser. 

The microphone was passed around the room and everyone stated their name and call sign.  

Ronnie welcomed everyone again. 

The November minutes were posted on the web.  A motion to accept the minutes was made by Caesar and seconded by Felipe.  There was not a meeting in December 2004. 

Repeater update: 

John spoke about the 147.00.  Up and working.  He advised that there are still problems with certain persons on the air.  The rule is to ignore them and stop speaking to them.  If it continues, he will turn the repeater off. 

Carl spoke about the 444.200.  Up and working. The controller will be back next week and it should be installed. 

Ray spoke about the 146.760.  It is up and running.  No winter interference or white noise right now.  Had a jammer for the Jr. Orange Bowl Parade.  Apparently there are jammers for our events.  Don’t discuss the jammers on the air.  We all should use our call signs.  Auto patch it up and it was used 1 time last year.  There are tons of projects that we can do now with the cooler weather.  If interested, contact Ray. 

No other repeater trustees were present. 

Old Business: 

Ronnie reminded everyone that dues are officially due Jan 1, 2005.  Give your dues to Ronnie, James or send them to the PO Box.  Dues are $30.00 per year and $5.00 for each family member. 

Next, Ronnie spoke about the Holiday Dinner.  There was a great turn-out.  We had over 50 people were there.  Again, it was a great success.  Ray thanked everyone who put it together. 

Ernesto then spoke about the MS Breakaway to Key Largo.  The Chairman Mark moved to North Carolina and Ernesto is now Co-Chair for the Committee.  The revised numbers are that we now have 570 riders registered so far this year compared to 398 last year.  We have 70 teams registered so far this year compared to 60 last year.  Something new added this year, riders can sign-up on-line.  Teams can track their own funds.  The brochures are out already.  Our logo is in the center – ARPSC is the largest sponsor of the MS 150.  We donate a lot of time and we only calculate everyone at $8.00 per hour.  Ernesto will have the volunteer forms on his website.  It will be in a PDF format.  Fill it out and fax it in.   Carl requested a corner and Ernesto said yes.  The event will take place the 3rd weekend in April -  the weekend of April 16 and 17th.  Another change wil be that we will have only 1 Net Control Station, not one for the North and one for the South like last year.  It will be in the radio room at the EOC and we will have 3 operators present.  This event is too big and too much for 1 person.  

Carl spoke about the Miami Tropical Marathon on behalf of John Veccio and Andy Picke.  We need volunteers.  It will take place downtown Miami on January 30, 2005.  We did a great job last year and it is the week before the Hamboree. Carl read the list of operators from last year.  He said to bring your rain suits to our events because you know how unpredictable our weather is. 

Carl then advised that a year from now he will be retiring and he will be turning over everything to the Ham community.  He needs people to come forward to take over.  He has been doing everything for 23 years.  The Miami Marathon; Hamboree; March of Dimes; Bike Tour; Kayack Race, etc.  The RACES/ARES officer will be picked next month.  

He also said that Harry is not doing too well and to keep him in our prayers.  He needs help getting his antennas back up.  They have been down since the hurricanes.  If anyone is interested in volunteering, see Carl. 

Same Harte then read a letter he received from the Merit Badge College that was addressed to Carl.  The letter thanks us for using our equipment at the Merit Badge College and was signed by Dr. Elliot Grossman.  He also had certificates as a thank you for the work done.  Other people that contributed to the Merit Badge College were Robert Cruz, Jeff Garnet, Christen Jensen to name a few.  He thanked everyone who helped.  It takes place the first weekend in December.  About 30 radios are lent out to the Merit Badge College and for the Scout Masters Hamboree in the end of February.  Someone also needs to take this over too.  Ronnie will pass along the certificates to those that are not present tonight. 

Next item for discussion is the Tropical Hamboree on February 5 and 6.  We have flyers to give out to friends and family.  Tailgating is $35.00 in advance; $45.00 the day of the show.  RSVP with Evelyn or Robert.  Volunteers for the Hamboree please see Andy or Carl. 

Felipe thanked everyone who participated at the Jr. Orange Bowl parade on December 30.  Everyone also got wet. 

New Business: 

Ray advised that this past Saturday the Ft. Myers Hamfest took place.  It was one day and a small turnout.  If you go to Ft. Myers, check out the Edison & Ford Museum.  It is very interesting and he gave us a description. 

Ronnie advised that elections will be held tonight.  They were postponed from last month because we did not meet in December because the President and Vice President and other members were not available.  He received no emails for nominations.  He read the slate of nominations for all positions 

For President :             Ronnie and Ernesto

For Vice President:            Andy; Ronnie and Robert

For Treasurer:            James was the only nomination.

For Secretary            Joanne was the only nomination.


John Veccio’s term is expiring this year (04) as director.  John Veccio, Jeff and Caesar were nominated for this position. 

There was some discussion as to being nominated for more than 1 position.  Joanne read the By-Laws and there is nothing in the By-Laws.  It was discussed that last year, one office was voted on at a time so that if you did not make one position, you could be nominated for another. 

Sam made a motion that all non-opposed candidates assume their respective offices, seconded by Robert Cruz. 

Ronnie asked that if all of persons nominated were still interested in the offices that they were nominated for.  Andy was in testing and someone went to check if he was still interested in the Vice President position.  We were advised that he said yes. 

Ronnie announced that we are now going to vote on the position of President, then Vice President and then the Director position.  Blank pieces of paper were passed out to everyone to write the name of the person they were voting for each of the offices and Steve will count the votes.                                   

            The following persons were elected:

            For President             -            Ronnie

            For Vice President            -            Andy

            For Director                      -            Jeff  (this is a 3 year term)

An announcement was also made that Frank is now a Ham and Jason Foster is a new member.

It was announced that several members were going to go to dinner at Applebees after the meeting and anyone interested is welcome to attend.

Julio spoke about Harry again.  Please call before Friday so that something can be set up this weekend or the following weekend.  Harry can’t leave his house.  Call Julio at 305-986-5377.  Our best wishes to Harry. 

Also it was announced that Joe Chadek is not doing well.  We also had a moment of silence for Jim Goldsberry at QST.

We had a five minute recess before Jason gave his presentation on Hurricanes Charlie, Frances, Ivan and Jeanne. 

Jason is our guest speaker tonight. His is a storm chaser.  He will be showed us clips of Hurricanes Charlie, Frances, Ivan and Jeanne.  It was a very informative presentation and it is available on DVD.  It can be purchased on-line and at the Hamfest as of Friday.  He also answered questions from those present.

With no other business, Ronnie announced that refreshments were in the cafeteria.  He thanked everyone for coming and wished everyone a Happy New Year.  

The meeting was adjourned at 20:55.

Joanne Carbana KG4GKU



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