Melbourne 2003
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A large group of South Florida Hams made the trip to the 2003 Melbourne Hamfest.   Hamfests are back!   This one was great. 

Photos by Dennis/K4QHM

Ellis, KI4ANW and son Daniel from Jupiter, Fl; former Miamians and friends of Dennis/K4QHM.



George WB4JFA and Grover N0GV


Ray KD4BBM, Steve KD4NRQ and Jeff KG4CNM in front of Jeff's table


Stephanie W4DTJ.  Not her first fest (not even close), but her first as a ham!


Stephanie W4DTJ and Daniel KG4LYE


Wendy KG4OXT


Chris KG4SYV


The Morris Family, ? ,Don KG4JHH, Tom KG4CYX and Annie KG4UBX


Brendan KG4DKF


Judy Danko of Discount Products


Stephanie W4DTJ helps the GAP crew.  What is he pointing at?


Roger KD4VNN

Dude... it's a beer belly.


Roger KD4VNN and Ronnie KG4DBI


Pictures from the outside swap area. 








    South Florida FM Association, 2003   

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