Melbourne 2001
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Here are some pictures from the Melbourne Hamfest.  Pictures by Dennis, K4QHM.

Tom, K4SUS


Carl, WA4PKE, retired BST now lives up by Gordon, KY6V


Bill, N4LTT+xyl sitting


The pix of me was taken by Bob, WR4FSU who is sightless!!:-))  K4QHM


The pix of the couple standing in back of the car with the WR4FSU plate is Bob & Helen Straughn. His is the call on the plate, her's is WC4FSU.


Dinner at Conchy Joe's Seafood


Ray; I was able to find out (LL call) that our waitress was Christine (If that smile was any more radiant I would have needed Sunblock!!).


Cloud reflection on hotel windows


Building near hotel


Melbourne Beach


Coo-wel log periodic at-see pix


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