May 2005
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SAM HARTE KQ4LMR 00-06 (Not Present)

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MIAMI, FL 33243

Meeting was called to order at 19:53 with 36 present.

Ronnie welcomed all to the SFFMA meeting. The meeting was being broadcast live on the air tonight from the EOC. There is no one here for testing tonight.

The microphone was then passed around the room and everyone stated their name and call sign.

Ronnie welcomed everyone again.

Repeater update:

John spoke about the 147.000. It is up and running. There was some interference a couple of weeks ago, but it has been taken care of. He said that he has noticed that some of the people are having problems with their antennas. Ernesto said that 5 mi north of the tower he is having a problem getting into it with his handheld which he did not have before. Kent advised that there were 2 lightning strikes close by the tower recently. John advised that the annual trip is coming us soon and he will check it all out.

Ray spoke about the 146.760. It is up and working. But the last 4-5 days there is a new problem were you will hear little fractions of words. He believes that there is another repeater close by, possibly a commercial repeater that is having a problem and due to the recent storms. If you hear anything, don't make reference to it on the air. Email or call him regarding the problem.

Robert spoke about the 224.200. It is having issues and needs to be re-aligned. He needs the keys and a service monitor. It has drifted off the frequency.

No other repeater trustees were present.

Ronnie announced that we have Freddie from the American Red Cross here tonight with a hurricane preparation presentation and Miguel Rodriguez, the president of the American Radio Club, to talk about the upcoming Field Day.

Old Business:

Last month's minutes were posted on the web. A motion to accept the minutes was made by Robert and seconded by Caesar.

Ernesto spoke about the MS Breakaway to Key Largo. They set up a web page so that people could donate directly. Saturday night at John Pennekamp they announced that they had collected $1.1 million in the bank already. We donated $38,000.00 in services. We are the largest sponsor of this event. We had 1 incident where an ambulance was helping one rider and another rider rode into the back of the ambulance. He happened to be the person in charge of the safety committee for them. He thanked John and Andy who helped all year long. They are trying to make him chairman for the committee next year. If this happens, John and Andy are going to help him next year. We are appreciated by MS. John advised that he had a police officer at his location on both days and he could have been used somewhere else. This year we had four times more police officers than last year. This year the police officers manned the corners until the last rider went by. We had 6 different departments helping this year. Also, everything was run out of the EOC this year and it was great. Ernesto would like to be able to use the room next year. They had a problem with more cars following the riders and it became a bigger problem at the rest stops. Ray spoke about the use of water misters. He had some minor problems with some evaporating before they would get to the riders and one there was not enough water pressure. He put 3 at the finish line and they worked great. He used about 410 gallons of water. Ray gave a big thank you to Ernesto for all of his hard work and Ernesto again thanked everyone who volunteered.

Ernesto announced that there was a mix-up on the ID's for this meeting. Carl is not here. Hopefully they will be made at next month's meeting.

Ronnie reminded everyone that dues are officially due Jan 1, 2005. Give your dues to James tonight or send them to the PO Box. Dues are $30.00 per year and $5.00 for each family member.

Joanne spoke about CERT. There was a CERT exercise on Saturday, May 7 at Tropical Park. It was great. We also got publicity on TV.

New Business:

Ronnie announced that we have ARPSC flags available, but he did not have any here tonight. You can purchase them from him and he will get them for you. They are $8.00 each. They are great to use at events and makes people aware of who we are.

Ronnie then announced that June 25 and 26 is field day. We are having a joint field day with the American Radio Club. Miquel Rodriguez spoke about it. He then turned the microphone over to Nilo Hernandez. It is going to take place at Barns Park at 72nd and Bird. They are going to roast a pig, have hot dogs, hamburgers, etc. Everyone is welcome. Ronnie and Miguel are going to get together to see which bands each club is going to operate so that we don't interfere with each other. We are also going to make up schedules of operators. There will be 1 day of camping. This will be something for everyone to enjoy. We want to work together and build our friendship. Some of the Commissioners will be there. A motion was made by Philipe and seconded by Steve that we pay for of the food. Eddie announced that the American Red Cross will send a truck with water, etc. there also.

Robert spoke about next year's Hamboree. Robert is the Chairman of the Hamboree. He asked that everyone fill out the comment form on the website -; or It will help him for next year. There is nothing new right now.

Ronnie announced that he is looking for suggestions for guest speakers so that we can have one at each of our meetings or a presentation. If you have any suggestions, let him know.

Ronnie opened the floor for any questions or concerns.

Annie spoke first. She said that 3 sets of minutes from Sept 2003, Oct 2003 and Nov 2003 are "floating" on the internet and that the Sept. 2003 minutes stated that CERT was dead. She wants them changed. There was discussion by the members present. Ernesto said that there is nothing in the By-Laws for changing minutes already accepted, especially from almost 2 years ago. Caesar clarified as to the "no CERT" in the minutes, that at the time Dade County was not supporting CERT. The reference was to Dade County CERT not the State SERT. Ray stated that all minutes are available on the website and will remain there. We post the minutes on the Club's website so that those who cannot make a meeting can keep up to date on what is happening. He is not going to take them off the Club website. Apparently they are "floating" on the internet. Steve said that our minutes are public domain and it is possible that they are on multiple places on the internet. Ray will see what he can do.

Bob announced that on Wednesday, Tommy, Harry and himself are going to be testing at Royal Palm Elementary School. They have 3 or 4 nine and ten year olds that are going to take the test. If they pass, they are going to take pictures and pass them on to ARRL. Also, if they pass, the club is going to donate an ARRL repeater book to each of them as a gift.

Eddie announced that next Saturday, the American Red Cross is starting classes again. Check the website for more information or see him or Freddy for more info.

Philipe announced that Skywarn classes are going to be given at the Coral Gables Police Department on May 21. See Philipe or Don for more information.

With no other new business, Freddy gave his hurricane preparation presentation to those present. Answered questions from those present. Joanne advised that June 1 - 12 the Governor has passed a law that you can purchase hurricane supplies that are under $50.00 and not pay takes. This does not include shutters or large generators, but batteries, flashlights, etc.

Ronnie also wanted to send our best out to Harry and Joe. That they get better soon.

With no other business, Ronnie announced that refreshments were in the cafeteria. He thanked everyone for coming.

The meeting was adjourned at 21:15.

Joanne Carbana

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