Kayak 2003
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Here's some pictures from the 2003 Kayak Challenge.

First, some from Eirk... Eric, LZA's friend.   

kayaks_1.sized.jpg (154906 bytes) kayaks_2.sized.jpg (130934 bytes) kayaks_3.sized.jpg (132336 bytes) kayaks_4.sized.jpg (130613 bytes) kayaks_5.sized.jpg (181006 bytes) kayaks_6.sized.jpg (106439 bytes) kayaks_7.sized.jpg (138825 bytes) 

I'm hoping to post the great pictures from Adam, but I need to work on getting them smaller.  There's just not enough server space to do them justice.   Check back... they're awesome.  We might show them at the December SFFMA meeting.  Here's one:

IMG_1555.jpg (1230938 bytes)


    South Florida FM Association, 2003   

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