Jan 2006
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Work at 1400' on a very cold and windy day, Jan. 14, 2006.   We removed the APRS Digi to update its programming and tested the repeater transmission lines for problems.  This was our first tower trip after Wilma. The 442.350 TX antenna had a fault.   All others passed testing.  The 147.000 RX problem must be in the receiver.   A new one needs to be built and installed.  Video of the wind.  John and George ground crew, Ray, John and Merritt on the tower.  Click on any thumbnail to see if full size.

Damage Control.  Another tower user's antenna was flying in the wind and damaging one of the WTVJ transmission lines.  We removed it to stop the damage.  The 147.000 antennas were fine.  Because of the top mounts on each antenna, they were one of the few that didn't get major damage during Wilma.  Video of the broken part flying.

APRS Digi Reprogramming.   Yes, sometimes a car battery is a handy workbench supply

After reprogramming and lunch, we went back up again to reinstall the digi.

FIU's Radio Station Transmitter Room


WTVJ Ch 6 RF Mixing and filtering

FP&L Work

The tower from a distance


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