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Thanks to Bill Moore from The Flamingo Club for the following pictures from the 1960 through 1980s.  Click on the thumbnail to see the full size image.

gauzens.jpg (100432 bytes) gauzens.jpg Is Carl(W4DTJ) and Evelyn (W4WYR) Gauzens and Family from early 1960's.

j4sdtj.jpg (133564 bytes) j4sdtj.jpg Are Frank Sullivan (NJ4S) and Carl Gauzens (W4DTJ) from about 1975

j4sdwngfq.jpg (150817 bytes) j4sdwngfq.jpg Are Frank Sullivan (NJ4S), Walter Dixon (W4DWN) and Ed Wright (W4GFQ) from about 1975

jsd.jpg (54447 bytes) jsd.jpg Is Eddie (KD4JSD/long time SWL) 80's

k4cyf.jpg (153036 bytes) k4cyf.jpg Is Dora Dixon (K4CYF), Oct. 1960

k4czw.jpg (80070 bytes) k4czw.jpg Is Carlin Bandy (K4CZW) and xyl 80's

k4czx.jpg (194663 bytes) k4czw.jpg Is Carlin Bandy (K4CZW) and xyl 80's

k4czy.jpg (141801 bytes) k4czy.jpg Is Harold Palmer (K4CZY) from about 1979. At the start of a Fox Hunt!

k4jdf.jpg (158993 bytes) k4jdf.jpg Is Bernie (K4JDF) from Jan. 1964

k4kq.jpg (75261 bytes) k4kq.jpg Is Chuck Bolvin (K4KQ) 80's

k4ony.jpg (64399 bytes) k4ony.jpg Is Ted Schempp (K4ONY) 80's 

k4ugc.jpg (174762 bytes) k4ugc.jpg Is Fred (K4UGC) from Jan. 1964

picnic.jpg (179960 bytes) picnic.jpg Is a picnic from the 80's. left to right: Kurt Lenkway (WA4GGJ), Rita (xyl of WA4GGJ), Walt Dixon (W4DWN), Art Stead (W4LGA), Gloria Veres (KC4LFI), Rose Daley ( KC4PMP), Ed Kane (K4MAS), Ed's Mom?,  Ray Preeschl (KB4HAY), Val Mecca (KA4KFV ), Hank Botein (KC4OLR), Bill Daley (KB4ZLL), Joycelyn Martinusek (N4ORZ), John Brott (WB4ZJS), John Mann (N4OLE), Susanne Moore (KB4PNH), John Morgan? (N4YZB?)

pnhjsole.jpg (71742 bytes) pnhjsole.jpg Is Susanne Moore (KB4PNH/W0MAN), Frank Sullivan (NJ4S) and John Mann (N4OLE) 80's

ppqkfv.jpg (77246 bytes) ppqkfv.jpg Is Kitty LePine (W4PPQ) and Valentine Mecca (KA4KFV) 80's

thuntpic.jpg (294419 bytes) thuntpic.jpg Is a Flamingo THunt/picnic from the 70's. Front row: Adeline Moore (WA4TEJ's Mom); Second row: ?,(xyl KN4GH?),Evelyn Gauzens (W4WYR), Charlie Johnson (W4MNN); Third Row Standing: Kurt Lenkway (WA4GGJ); Fourth Row Standing: Bill Whitaker (WD4JKM), Paul dr Rier (K4CZX), Hal Palmer (K4CZY), Carl Gauzens (W4DTJ), Bill Moore (WA4TEJ); Fifth Row Standing: Jerry? (KN4GH?), Tom Hayes (N4MEO), Walt Dixon (W4DWN), Leslie Connaughton (WA4TEJ's friend)

tojtok.jpg (238958 bytes) tojtok.jpg Is John (W4TOJ) and Tina (w4TOK) Lockhart, early 60's

w4app.jpg (149656 bytes) w4app.jpg Is Hal (W4APP) the "Ancient Pea Picker" from Jan. 1964

w4dwn.jpg (285513 bytes) w4dwn.jpg Is Walter Dixon (W4DWN) in July, 1961. Long-time NCS and Secretary Treasurer of the Flamingo Net. 

w4edp.jpg (150785 bytes) w4edp.jpg Is Jim Bonnell (W4EDP) from April 1960.

w4gj.jpg (170520 bytes) w4gj.jpg Is Walter Kinney (W4GJ) in 1964. Long time Flamingo NCS. Broadcast radio personality. "Whiskey in 4 Gallon Jugs"

w4lga.jpg (47719 bytes) w4lga.jpg Is Art Stead (W4LGA) 80's

w4lih.jpg (108401 bytes) w4lih.jpg Is George Hart (W4LIH) with his "mighty mobile", Jan. 1964

w4mnn.jpg (140231 bytes) w4mnn.jpg Is Charlie Johnson (W4MNN) from March, 1961.

w4rwt.jpg (153851 bytes) w4rwt.jpg Is John Morel (W4RWT) in the early 1960's (?) "Honest John", the long-time Flamingo Net treasurer.

w4wgu.jpg (165547 bytes) w4wgu.jpg Is Fred Schael (W4WGU) from Jan. 1964

w4wsj.jpg (116053 bytes) w4wsj.jpg Is Wiley (W4WSJ) from the old Amateur Radio Center. Jan. 1964

wa4bpx.jpg (199659 bytes) wa4bpx.jpg Is Clarence (WA4BPX).

wa4bzb.jpg (194026 bytes) wa4bzb.jpg Is Joe Stemper (WA4BZB) in the early 1960's (?)

wa4dys.jpg (162403 bytes) wa4dys.jpg Is Ed (WA4DYS) from Jan. 1964

wa4ggj.jpg (163654 bytes) wa4ggj.jpg Is Kurt Lenkway (WA4GGJ) from Jan. 1964

wguxyl.jpg (151207 bytes) wguxyl.jpg Is Fred Schael (W4WGU) and wife at a late 70's picnic. Background: ?, Helen Wright (xyl W4GFQ), Ed Wright (W4GFQ), Ed Taylor (WA4TAQ) 

abiwqx.jpg (73740 bytes) abimqx.jpg Is Phil Partee (W4ABI) and WA4MQX 80's

czxggj.jpg (153843 bytes) czxggj.jpg Is Paul de Rier (K4CZX), Kurt Lenkway (WA4GGJ), Hal Palmer (K4CZY)
and Bill Whitaker (WD4JKM) judging a building contest in the early

dwncyf.jpg (163206 bytes) dwncyf.jpg Is Walter Dixon (W4DWN) and Dora Dixon (K4CYF), from late 50's


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