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Keep coming back.  I'll be updating with pictures as I get them from Jeff and Frank.  Last update:  06/27/2005 12:27 -0400

Jeff's pictures are now available.  See the link above.  I'm having some trouble getting the very large files Frank did to load into the site.  

Things are slowing down.  From try to try we try to work a few stations on 40 meters.   The band is coming and going.   All of the new systems in the trailer are working really well.  We're nice and cool in the A/C trailer while the bugs are sweating outside.  The campsite it lit up like a Christmas tree thanks to Merritt's generator.   Lots of power to spare for a change. 

I still want to get some pictures on here, but the cameras in the group don't have a media format that's compatible with my laptop.  Hopefully tomorrow. 

Well, the hard work is done. We have an awesome set up with a 12.5 kW
Korean War era power plant, Lee's trailer fully laid out with 2 HF
stations on the air, two towers up, tents, lights, wireless
Internet... well, you get the idea. The guys have done a LOT of work
on trailer and power plant. Please come by and check our new disaster

Come on by and check it out. We're at A.D. Barns Park, SW 72 Ave just
north of Bird Road. We're all the way at the north end of the park,
follow the winding road.

"Ladder 49" will be showing on the big screen after dark.

If you do come out, please BYOB. A lot of the people already here
have invested a lot into this weekend. Please don't leach our stuff
if you're not going to operate. We do need operators.

We'll also need help with the breakdown tomorrow. If everyone pitches
in it won't take too long. Please come by at about 1400 to help.



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