CHAMP Awards 2000
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Pictures from the Year 2000 Crime Watch 25th Anniversary Awards Dinner

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Dr. Jim C. Hirschman, K4TCV accepts his award from Carl Jagielski, KA4HLO


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Dr. Jim gives us a few works of encouragement


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Dr. Jim and Mrs. Hirschman pose with the Award


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The CHAMP crew before chow.


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Lee, N4TCW and Joe, AC4TV


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Carl, KA4HLO introducing Dr. Jim.   Yes, Carl DOES own a suit.

Here's what Carl read:

CHAMP - Citizens' Ham Mobile-Marine Patrol Annual Award

This Award is presented for distinguished service to the community by an amateur radio operator. On March 28th of this year, a nightmare - and high seas drama - played itself out in the waters of Central America. A family from the Netherlands named van Tuyl - father, mother and 13-year old son - anchored their 44-foot sloop behind a reef, near two other sail boats some 50 miles off the coast of Honduras.

While the mother remained on board, the father and son took the boat's inflatable dinghy to visit acquaintances on one of the nearby boats. As they were heading to the other boat, the father saw five men in an open wooden boat come alongside his vessel and board. He immediately headed back but, when they were about 20 yards away, one of the pirates began firing a machine gun. In the ensuing gunfire, the boy was wounded in the abdomen, and the dinghy was damaged, and flipped over. The marauders fled from the scene - after taking the damaged dinghy and outboard motor aboard the pirate boat.

The father hauled his badly bleeding son back to their sailboat and got him aboard. Both parents are amateur radio operators. The father checked into the 20-meter Maritime Net seeking urgent assistance. The other two vessels in the vicinity and the van Tuyl's then pulled anchor and headed for Honduras. A bullet had entered the boy's abdomen, penetrated a kidney, and had gone into the spinal cord.

Dr. Jim Hirschman, a Miami cardiologist and amateur radio operator, call sign K4TCV, was called to direct medical services via the Maritime Net, and spent eight hours on the radio doing this. The mother, fortunately a trained nurse, followed Dr. Jim's medical advice - transmitted via amateur radio's Maritime Net. The father credits Dr. Jim's help with keeping the boy alive overnight until they rendezvoused with a Honduran Navy vessel which transferred him via helicopter to Honduras. The following day, they were flown to Children's Medical Center of Dallas. Although the boy is paralyzed from the waist down, he is expected to lead a long life.

For his unselfish efforts which helped to save a life, the CHAMP Award is presented to Dr. Jim Hirschman. Congratulations, Dr. Hirschman.


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Ken, KF4CZB is also shocked that Carl, KA4HLO cleans up well.


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