Youth Expo 2001
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Boy Scouts - Budding Hams

by Sam Harte, KQ4MR

The Boy Scouts of America, South Florida Council, played host to more than 12,000 guests, including Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts and adults at Youth Expo. This annual event was held Saturday, April 28th, at ProPlayer Stadium, home of the Miami Dolphins and Florida Marlins.

Among the hundreds of exhibits at Youth Expo, also known as the Scout Show, local amateur radio operators, in conjunction with the South Florida FM Association and the Dade Radio Club, provided hands-on fun for the visiting scouts and parents. The Radio Merit Badge, with its long history in scouting, and an amateur radio license, are now goals for these boys, thanks to this exposure to ham radio.

Scout Eddy Polanco tries the radio

Scouts at Radio Display:  Among the visitors to the amateur radio exhibit are scouts from Troop 49, Fireball District. The pictures, taken by Asst. Scoutmaster Jim McCarthy (Wife, Patricia, is Scoutmaster), include Chris McCarthy, Tenderfoot; Janale Scarlett, Life; Pierre Duran, Star; Anthony Padilla, First Class; Eduardo Polanco, Life; and, Charles Bowden, Troop Committee Chair. The amateur radio operators, left-to-right, are Sam Harte, KQ4MR (in scout uniform); Robert Cruz, KE4MCL; Robert Dalnes, AF4RK; and, Chris Clulow, KG4BON.


    South Florida FM Association, 2003   

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