Feb 2001 Tower Trip
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Here are some pictures from our tower trip on February 25, 2001.  

 We replaced the temporary 18 watt Power Amp (PA) with the regular 100 watt model.  The power was set to 60 watts.  This should help people on the fringes hear the system.  We also put primer and paint on the rapidly rusting cabinet.   We'll need to replace it soon with a fully stainless or aluminum cabinet.  John, KU4GY, the 147.000 trustee, was the ground crew.   Thanks also to John, KF4ACN for repairing the PA.  

George, WT4X, at the front of the repeater cabinet.   1400' up the tower.


Ray, KD4BBM, spray paints some of the rust spots.   Salt air winds have aged everything metallic on the tower.  


Lee, N4TCW, at the elevator.


The roof of the transmitter building.


The NW guy wires.


The NE guy wires


George, WT4X, goes down the stair case at the base of the tower.  Taken from the lowest elevator level.   Notice the shadow of the tower.  


The South guy wires.