April 2000 Tower Trip
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There were two tower trips in April.  The first one brought the 147.000 back to its rightful location, 1400' up the NBC6 tower after a long upgrade.    Lee N4TCW and George, WT4X on the tower, Mike, KE4VNN on ground support.

Here are some photos by Mike, KE4VNN of the ground support.    Here's a side view of the tower:

P0000780.jpg (110403 bytes)


A close up of some of the lower microwave and back up antennas.

P0000779.jpg (135902 bytes)

The bottom of the tower in the morning sun.  The bottom stop of the elevator is that the to of the ladder on the left.   You're about 100' up before you even get on the elevator.

P0000781.jpg (134008 bytes)


The base of the tower.  Imagine all the weight on this one point.   There actually isn't an attachment.  Just weight holding the base in place.    Less chance of failure when the tower moves.

P0000783.jpg (168507 bytes)


A close up near the base.

P0000784.jpg (133907 bytes)


Guy cable stabilizers.  These thin guys reduce vibration in the big ones.

P0000785.jpg (82898 bytes)

Not a lot was done on Sunday April 16, 2000.   George, WT4X and Ray, KD4BBM went up the tower with John, KU4GY as ground support.   

Levels were adjusted to make the 147.00 to 442.350 link transparent.   Before this, users on 442.350 were hard to hear on 147.00. 

On the same trip, we made measurements for coax to make the KD4BBM-6 APRS digi better.   

Here is the antenna for the digi.  It's the heavy-duty quarterwave above the yagis.  The yagis are the RX antennas for the 442.350 repeater.  By the way, the herringbone pattern in the digital pictures is caused by an FM station antenna about 10 feet to the right. 

Mvc-748f.jpg (89874 bytes)

Here is where the transmission lines for the digi and the 442.350 start their run down to the cabinet.

Mvc-749f.jpg (68373 bytes)



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