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If you have Windows Media Player, v7 or greater, then you can click on one of these and hear the files, in order:

Player 1 Player 2

One of the two should work.  You can click on any file in the play list and it should start playing the files, in order, starting with the one you clicked on.

If those don't work, you might need to cut and paste this into the Open URL in Windows Media Player:

Note carefully... the date and time the file was recorded is in the file name.  See above.   You should ignore the "Last Modified" column.  That's when the server got the file, in GMT... not really important.  

Files under 14k are usually just a repeater key-up.   Files 100k and up are usually QSO's.   It's about 116k per minute.

Only recordings from the current month are available here.  Older files are archived by the club on CD-ROM.